• Augmented Reality in Education

    Research synthesis of the current techniques for using augmented reality technology in K12 education. A shorter version of this paper was presented at the Games, Learning, and Society conference in June, 2013. View the conference proceedings here
  • Neurological Basis for Video Games in Education

    This research paper presents the neurological benefits of using video games for learning. Download the paper here
  • Online Writing

    You can find all of my online work about game design here.
  • uChoose by InteractAble: learning social skills via game play

    This paper was published in tandem with our demonstration of uChoose at the International Conference on Interaction Design and Children. You can download a copy here.
  • Tunnel Tail: A New Approach to Prevention

    I worked with Drug Strategies to evaluate their new mobile game for teens, Tunnel Tail. The game was designed to equip teenagers with the skills and confidence to refuse offers of illegal drugs. My main responsibility was to design a tool to evaluate the impact of the game on adolescents’ attitudes and perceptions of drug use. The study took place in April 2013, and the results analysis has been presented at several academic conferences. Read the research summary here
  • Brunch Money

    A satirical but mathematically accurate reply to millionaire Tim Gurner's suggestion that snake people would be able to afford real estate if they stopped buying avocado toast. Read it here!
  • Concurrents Design Documents

    As project manager for the Concurrents interactive, I assembled several design documents that served to communicate our vision, keep the team organized, and plan ahead. Download a collection of design documents here
  • True

    A poem about truisms vs truth. Read it here