Radix Endeavor

As an intern at the MIT Education Arcade, I was part of a team working on The Radix Endeavor, a multiplayer educational video game designed to teach high school math and science topics. My main job was to create companion curriculum for teachers to use with the game in their classrooms, and to make sure that the game development maintained a strong focus on the Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core State Standards. I also visited local schools to test elements of the game with high school students.

You can learn more about the Radix Endeavor here.

As part of the internship, I created several curriculum guides to accompany math quests. Here are two examples:

After graduation, I worked on writing questlines that both provide a compelling storyline as well as progressively challenging tasks. All quest tasks are aligned with Common Core Standards for Mathematics and the Next Generation Science Standards. I also created teacher resources and implementation guides, as well as developed a website where teachers can access materials, videos, and other aids.

Below are some samples of the system and interaction design work i was involved with: