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  • Games for Change

    I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Games for Change festival last week, and it was a fantastic experience. I attended sessions at the first Games for Learning Summit, where industry leaders, policy makers, game designers, and educators came together to discuss the future of games in education. I also served as a game ambassador for games that had been nominated for awards, helping everyone experience these innovative games. The most valuable part of the experience, though, was meeting people who are equally enthusiastic about the power of games for education and social change.

  • NYC Games Forum Paper Prototyping Workshop

    I had the opportunity last week to facilitate a Paper Prototyping Workshop for the NYC Games Forum. We had a great group of creative, energetic game designers who put together a prototype in two hours. We also spent some time discussing principles of game design from Jesse Schell's The Art of Game Design.

    Below, a group is in deep discussion during the brainstorming phase.

    Their finished prototype:

    Another team's game, Dinos and Dice - An icebreaker game for two people to get two know each other in a playful way. A fun, simple idea that went through many iterations to get to this point. Don't be surprised if you see this at future workshops and networking events!