• Volunteering at Games for Change

    I had the opportunity to volunteer with the Games for Change fesitval for the third year last week. It was, as usual, an amazing experience. I spent the first day with the Games for Change app, Save the Park. I was able to meet a wide range of festival participants as they played the game and chatted about their own games projects. The rest of the time I worked more behind-the-scenes, helping with the administrative work that keeps the festival running. But at the very end of the conference, I had the chance to try out a VR drawing system similar to this video: 

     It was a very cool experience to be able to put your whole body into making art, and to draw around yourself. My artistic skills are limited, so I stayed away from disney characters and instead simply drew a tree whose branches could hang over me. Before long, I had a friend join me in the virtual space. All I could see was her goggles and two controllers. We drew smiley faces at each other for a bit before retreating to our own separate drawings.

    I'm excited to see how this technology develops in the future and how it can be used to create powerfully immersive and creative games.