Storyline 2 and 3

As part of my work for Advancement Courses and SEIU 775 Benefits Group, I have designed over 30 adult education courses using Storyline 2 and 3. 

In this video, I demonstrate a few different interactions for a course writer's approval. The course writer provided the content and I built the interactions. 

 In my current work, I partner with SME's for content and then I both write and develop the courses.

Professional Development

Below is a partial prototype of an e-learning system I designed as a demonstration of an online training system for new Instructional Designers. All UI and images were placeholders.

Two modules are built out in some detail: the Red Flags module under Client Interactions, and the Who Do I Ask? module under Internal Communication. Each module encourages learners to record reflections in their journal, which will be shared with their mentor at a later date. The journal can always be accessed from the home screen.

In addition, two exemplars have also been completed: Gang Activity Identification, which is designed to demonstrate the production process, and Planning a New York Trip, which is designed to expose the many layers of information embedded in an online interaction. 

If the embedded presentation doesn't work properly, please feel free to download it here.

Flipped Classroom - Middle School

Patchwork is a web-based program created as part of my coursework at Harvard. It is designed to help students through algebra problems their teacher has assigned. With each problem, students can ask for help at any time and get video demonstrations, animations illustrating underlying concepts, or a step-by-step walkthrough. Teachers and parents are provided with information on the students’ progress and where they could use more personal attention.

Patchwork addresses gaps in students’ math knowledge at the conceptual and procedural level, providing just-in-time help and scaffolding to guide students through algebra problems. The target audience is middle school students who are struggling to understand algebra concepts, along with their teachers and parents.

It is designed as a supplemental resource that teachers can give to their whole class, or just individual students who need support. It is intended to be a program through which students complete their homework, not additional work. Teachers will enter in the problems (or types of problems) that are being assigned for homework, and the Patchwork tutor will help students work through it on their own.