About Me

I am an instructional designer, specializing in educational game design and interactive media for informal learning. I am currently working on And Sometimes Why, a card game about truth and lies, as well as building professional development videos for Curriculum Associates.
My previous work has included:
  • Manager of Learning Experience Innovation for SEIU 775 Benefits Group, where I designed creative educational solutions to meet the needs of home health care workers.
  • Lead Game Designer at Interactable, Inc. We released four iPad games that taught social skills and cultural norms. Two were aimed at elementary-school age kids with autism, and two were aimed at adult learners.
  • Learning Designer at the MIT Education Arcade, where I worked on The Radix Endeavor, an MMO that teaches high schoolers math and science concepts.
  • Founder of PB&Games, an educational games studio. We built Zeebi Zoo, a browser-based game that teaches the scientific method to middle schoolers.
  • Providing freelance educational games, instructional design, consulting, marketing, and research services to many organizations. Past clients and partners have included Schell Games, Learning Games Network, BrainPop, GameDesk, and Advancement Courses.
You can often find me at indie game events in NYC supporting the newest innovations in interactive media, or at the GUMBO game development collective in Brooklyn.
In addition to my work, I also love to travel, as you can see in the picture above!